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Oxford, Michaelmas '10

Life in Oxford, at the Oxford Internet Institute, is amazing: Lively and interesting seminars, presentations and talks by world famous academics every week (also across the university), motivated fellow students, delightful dinners, and all this amidst architectural splendor and centuries of tradition. There is one downside though; time.

With so much to do, so much to read, and so many interesting people around, time becomes the prime commodity, and it needs to be managed tightly, then bent, mangled and stretched a little further, and it occasionally snaps and jumps at you.

That’s why only now, with the end of Michaelmas (the first term) a few weeks past, the backlog of errands out of the way, most people gone home for the holidays, and tiny blob of time bouncing back (2 exams upcoming early January), that I write this post.

I did little coding in the past few months, though I gave myself a few hours off, today, to do some relaxing bug-squashing, and to write this post. So there’s not much to report in terms of the project, besides that I got an A+ on my thesis about LogiLogi’s quest for critical mass (thus a distinction for my Digital Humanities masters), and that some more (personal) good news is on it’s way, though I won’t make that public yet :-)

St. Cross, my college. Post-graduate-only, not posh, but a friendly and pleasant place.