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Articles for Jan 2010

LogiLogi ready for translation, presentation at LiquidPub workshop

LogiLogi is, as of today, ready for translation. We have worked on this because a German philosophy journal will start using LogiLogi some time within the next months. They asked us if they could have it translated. In addition it was something that was on our todo list for some time.

We use the I18n (Internationalization) framework provided by Rails, and the Translate Rails plugin for editing the ...read more

Digital Humanities: Four essays, two on LogiLogi

In the last few months I have written four essays. The first two were for a course called Digital Publishing in the Humanities: Three Digital Publications: Carrying the Printer Home (about modes of reading and the suitability of digital resources for them, and the need for annotation possibilities to enable academic reading), The Letters by Vincent van Gogh: Silently Painting Letters Across Screens (about ...read more