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FOSDEM 09 presentation & @ Philosophers Rally

The FOSDEM was pretty amazing. The Friday night Beer-event was overwhelming to say the least, and on saturday morning there was a very interesting keynote talk on the future of ‘Free and Open’ with many applications moving into the cloud by Mark Surman, of the Mozilla Foundation.

And there were many other good talks, of which for us quite a few were on sunday in the Ruby and Rails developer room.

I arrived ...read more

Body Builder Rails Plugin

The third and last Rails plugin of the plugin triathlon before our presentation tomorrow at the FOSDEM conference is the Body Builder plugin.

This plugin fixes the problem of how to organize the parts of your app that are re-used like blocks across pages, like those in side-bars and top-bars. It allows you to create render-points where content can be inserted in views. In short it allows one to set body_parts (variables that ...read more

Magick Corners Rails Plugin

Our second Rails Plugin to be released is Magick Corners. It is for adding Scalable Vector Graphics as backgrounds to dom- elements without a hassle. It can scale and stretch them to size, and also generate them for simple cases like a div with rounded corners.

After installing the plugin you can apply rounded corners to any dom-object (only divs are officially supported) using css-selectors, like: mcorners = new MagickCorners ...read more

Thorny Form Rails Plugin

Over three days we will be releasing Rails Plugins extracted from LogiLogi.org in a little Plugin Triathlon. And then on Sunday, the fourth day, we will present the three of them (at least two, three if time permits) in the Ruby and Rails room of the FOSDEM in Brussels. And the first one is released today. It is Thorny Form

Thorny Form is a Rails plugin for unobtrusively protecting forms against form-SPAM. It adds extra fields ...read more