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Articles for May 2008

LogiLogi at the Free Knowledge, Free Technology Conference

And the good news just keeps coming: LogiLogi Manta will be, besides at ECAP, at Digital Humanities, and at the RMLL conferences also at the Free Knowledge, Free Technology conference, in Barcelona, Spain, from the 15th till the 17th of July. At this conference we will especially be going into the peergroup-system and into how we think to be able to combine quality and openness.

And for the development ...read more

Server been down, now up again

Last weekend our server has been down. It again was due to a broken harddrive (the 3rd in 5 months). No data was lost however (as this time it was only one of the 2 disks in the raid-set that broke down) and everything is working again now.

In the meantime we are looking for possibilities of getting a new, dedicated server, instead of the old, colocated one we have now. We are because managing your own server- hardware ...read more

LogiLogi Manta goes Live as Public Beta!

This new version is a real milestone. It, for the first time, really enables better, and easier discussions. The earlier version, LogiLogi Plancton, was not much more than a modified wiki, which was basically only used for sharing lecture-notes by a hand full of people… LogiLogi Manta, now that it takes a swim, does bring a substantial improvement! It will make for a beautiful, fun, and interesting site.

Swim, yes, as ...read more

LogiLogi @RMLL and going live in just 4 days!

It’s there!, almost… LogiLogi Manta will go live as public beta in just 4 days; on the 6th of May, 2008 AD.

The last two and a half week – since we planned the release – we have done a lot of heavy coding and radical refactoring. And we still have four days ahead of – quite intense – preparations, but it’s now really getting there…! We are now mainly tweaking the layout, writing some prelimary help-documentation ...read more