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Articles for Nov 2008

LogiLogi Manta working in IE7

LogiLogi Manta is as of today also working in Internet Explorer Seven (keeping fingers crossed). Supporting IE7, together with Firefox 3, which was already supported, means that about 70% of web-surfers can now use LogiLogi without problems. Which is, well, not that bad percentage for an interesting app like this one.

We will improve the usability of LogiLogi a bit more with things like simple (non-OpenID) accounts and ...read more

A comparison of LogiLogi and Talia

We’d like to let you know that another paper about LogiLogi has been written. It is about the differences between LogiLogi and Talia/Philospace. It was written by Wybo Wiersma, of LogiLogi, and Stefano David, who is working with Talia; and for the Digital Humanities 2009 Conference. You can download and read the paper here.