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FKFT in Barcelona and Web Freedom & Stallman again

And the FKFT was a great experience too. I’m typing this some days after the conference while waiting during the night at the Airport for my early-morning flight to Amsterdam. A few days after the fact because not just the conference was great: Barcelona also is; I love this city. It’s one of the best of Europe: grandiose architecture; not just Gaudi, but everywhere, public culture, statutes, museums, street ...read more

RMLL 2008, LL, Web-Freedom, Stallman

The RMLL was a really cool & interesting event. The atmosphere rocked, and there were plenty of good & interesting people around :) Sadly enough I could not speak with many of them, and follow even fewer talks, as the RMLL was French, very French. I did not expect this as they announced it as an international event. But I should have guessed it as they used the word “mondial”, instead of “global” ;) Anyway, their friendliness made up for ...read more

We use the GNU Affero GPL version 3!

Version 3 of the Affero GPL has just been released by the Free Software Foundation (FSF). It seems that the FSF is endorsing the Affero GPL more openly now than they used to: “The FSF recommends that people consider using the GNU AGPL for any software which will commonly be run over a network”.

It seems now finally the FSF is no longer taking sides in the sense in which Archis – even if currently working for ...read more

Why Web-Freedom Should Matter for Stallman Too

This differentiation into separate services happens because, among other reasons, expectations grow, and building sites that do everything simply becomes harder… Also scaling up relatively narrow applications is easier than doing this for bloated sites or P2P applications due to complexity-problems. Still the main reason for the success of Web 2.0 applications, is that they rapidly become more useful for ...read more

Why Freedom Matters for Web 2.0 (and any later version)

Freedom matters, not just for software like your Operating System or Firefox, but also for live web-applications. And with more and more functionality and social uses of software moving to the web it will soon only matter more.

About this was my talk at the T-Dose conference of one and a half week ago. I only now come to write about it as my (Wybo’s) father died just 10 days before the conference, ...read more

Web2.0 software; property rights and freedom

But while the software in web2.0 applications is functioning like a natural law, it does not stem from nature. The laws of nature are not of human origin and cannot be changed by us. The laws embedded in software, however, can, just like the policies can; The virtual world is uniquely malleable.

Then how does change in these virtual laws come about ? Most often they are made by a lofty programmer-king adding ...read more