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Articles for Apr 2008

Our hero!, Steffen the Slayer of Bugs

Steffen is and was the best bug-squasher of all; the legendary exterminator, killer, crusher, and slayer of bugs with all and every amount of creepy legs, kind and form of gruesome tentacles, degree of sliminess, number, placement, color and shape of disgusting eyes, wings, snouts and not to forget crispy, crunchy, shields in all sizes, &… …of all bad bugs for Manta’s sake!

Our second-best bug-crusher of was Bart ...read more

Our presentation and LogiLogi @ ECAP 2008!

We have good news again, and this time there is no first of April in sight. Our submission to the European conference on Computing and Philosophy has been accepted! So besides our general presentation at the Digital Humanities 2008 in Oulu, Finland (June 25-29) we will now also be presenting in Montpellier, France (16-18 June). The presentation we give at ECAP will especially be about the philosophy behind Manta ...read more

Ya-haha-hoo :)

As Miguel Lezama finally sensed some time early in the evening, the Yippee Yahoo :) news indeed was our (Wybo and Bruno) contribution to April’s fools day, or as we say in Dutch, it was an “first of April” joke ;)

It seems that most of the Nijmegen team, and also at first Miguel, and many others did believe it. Which of course is not all together that strange, as it is quite close to the truth that we are doing something really interesting ...read more