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Articles for Nov 2007

What's LogiLogi in French ?

Odile Bénassy of the OFSET foundation has done the great job of translating our paper LogiLogi A Webplatform for Philosophers into French! It can be read here en Français.

We use the GNU Affero GPL version 3!

Version 3 of the Affero GPL has just been released by the Free Software Foundation (FSF). It seems that the FSF is endorsing the Affero GPL more openly now than they used to: “The FSF recommends that people consider using the GNU AGPL for any software which will commonly be run over a network”.

It seems now finally the FSF is no longer taking sides in the sense in which Archis – even if currently working for ...read more

Tell me: What is LogiLogi ?

If you’ve been wondering what LogiLogi (Manta) is, you can now finally find a clear and short description of it, it’s philosophy and it’s relevance in this 1500-words paper:

The growth of the web has been quite invisible for philosophy so far, and while quite some philosophizing has been done about what the web could mean for the human condition, not much has been said about what it could mean for philosophy itself ...read more

Why Web-Freedom Should Matter for Stallman Too

This differentiation into separate services happens because, among other reasons, expectations grow, and building sites that do everything simply becomes harder… Also scaling up relatively narrow applications is easier than doing this for bloated sites or P2P applications due to complexity-problems. Still the main reason for the success of Web 2.0 applications, is that they rapidly become more useful for ...read more