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Articles for Mar 2008

Yippee Yahoo! :)

It just was confirmed by Yahoo that they are willing to sponsor the LogiLogi project! Yoohoohooo! :))

They already contacted us a week ago with their intentions, but today it was confirmed! To what extent and how exactly is still up for negotiation, but they said it is certainly going to be some funds and all the free advertising on the yahoo- network needed for a professional & smooth launch of Manta! And most importantly today they also ...read more

The Bughunt is on!

Both bugs and bug-fixes will be good for points. A bug and a fix for a bug will each be good for one point. So finding a bug and fixing it will give you 2 points, while just finding one will give you 1 point. Exceptionally hard to find bugs or difficult/big fixes may be rewarded with 3 points each.

Bugs are to be chased without mercy! Manta is to be twisted, turned, squeezed, slapped, jammed, racked, swung, smacked and rocked in all ...read more