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The Bughunt is on!

Both bugs and bug-fixes will be good for points. A bug and a fix for a bug will each be good for one point. So finding a bug and fixing it will give you 2 points, while just finding one will give you 1 point. Exceptionally hard to find bugs or difficult/big fixes may be rewarded with 3 points each.

Bugs are to be chased without mercy! Manta is to be twisted, turned, squeezed, slapped, jammed, racked, swung, smacked and rocked in all it’s rational and irrational N dimensions to find and kill ‘em all! Those bloody low-life bad bugs! But please go hunting only on your own development-machine, and don’t disturb the peace of the running version of manta… :)

Also make sure you are always using the last svn checkout.

Happy hunting!