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Digital Humanities 2010, and at the London Seminar

LogiLogi, and it’s Quest for Critical Mass will be presented (as a poster) at the Digital Humanities 2010 conference in London, this June. First of all we will analyze the concept of critical mass, as it applies to collaborative (hypertext Digital Humanities) web-applications, and at all the factors that come into it, such as network-effects, and bifurcation points.

Surprisingly little has been written about these issues so far, except for Philip Ball’s Critical Mass, and Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping point, and those even deal only indirectly with the topic. Academic articles are (so far) nonexistant (except for some on broader issues in sociology and economics), and what little there is, is to be found on the web.

Then at the DH conference, we will present the results of the informal usability study that I will be doing in about two weeks, at the ISVW, in the Netherlands. We will implement some of the suggested improvements, and report on those. Following that, we hopefully will be able to show something of the process of gaining critical mass on LogiLogi. Our abstract is on-line here.

Today I’ve also given a presentation about it at King’s College London, as it’s also my thesis project. You can find that presentation here. In addition I will be presenting LogiLogi in general, at the London Seminar in Digital Text and Scholarship, on the 11th of March. Be there, if you happen to be in the neighbourhood.